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Vitagene Reviews: Is This the Best DNA Kit Yet?

There are so many fad diets and exercise regimens that have risen in popularity these days. With the help of social media and the many available sources on the Internet, it is not surprising why people have been hooked to trying them. 

If you are one of those who were attracted to these supposedly effective methods yet eventually failed, just know that you are not alone.

Usually, various methods have different effects to each person. Just because something goes right for someone one you know does not guarantee you the same results. The bottom line is our bodies have unique needs and require customized, personal solutions.

If you want to know what could be the best health and fitness plan for you, get your DNA tested. Contrary to what the general population believes, DNA testing is not just about confirming familial relations. It has so many other uses. Let’s take a look at how this specific product, the Vitagene DNA testing kit, can help you.

What is Vitagene?

Vitagene is a DNA testing kit that can give you information about your physical health and ancestry. If you are tired of getting frustrated every time you try a new diet scheme and nothing good ever comes out of it, try this.

The results you get back are processed by physicians and experts, guaranteeing you accurate and truthful results. You will know which fitness regimen best suits you, what vitamins you need to take, and which food staples might be good or bad for you.

With that information, you are given the ability to live a better life. You will know what steps you need to take in order to stay healthy and live longer. Tracing your ancestry also gives you details of the past, showing you important data about the risks you may face.

Going through this test will help prepare you for the future and allow you to live your best life with a holistic knowledge of your own body.


  • Fuss-free at-home test
  • Painless saliva cheek swab 
  • Backed by experts and professionals
  • check-circle
    Tested in CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified labs
  • check-circle
    Easy to use
  • check-circle
    Three services available


  • Less info about DNA, more about the recommendations
  • Not in-depth ancestry information

Who Should Use Vitagene?

Anyone over 18 can avail their services. If you are looking for a diet plan that surely works for you, Vitagene can help with that. Whether you are a working adult with a busy schedule or an athlete with specific dietary and exercise needs, you will surely find a fitness plan that works for you.

Never again would you have to dive into diet plans and exercise regimens that do not guarantee any positive results. With Vitagene, you will be guided into applying the most effective methods for your specific needs.

Why Should You Use Vitagene?

It is not always smart to trust whatever it is people are raving about online. Yes, it may have been proven a success to them, but it will not always turn out the same for you. All our organs may have the same functions, but how each body processes things differently. Which is why it is recommended that you always consult with an expert first.

inside the vitagene package

Included in the Vitagene Package

Before you succumb to the hype, get to know your body first. Vitagene tests your DNA. It will analyze what kind of nutrients your body needs. It will also prevent you from worsening your current health condition. Knowing your needs first allows you to avoid making the mistake of exposing your body to any more harm.

The Process

Getting your DNA test can now be super easy. On Vitagene's website, order a health and ancestry report. They will send you a DNA collection kit through mail delivery which usually arrives within 3-5 days. Follow the given instructions on how to take a saliva cheek swab, then return the sample through the prepaid return mailer.

Vitagene Process

The DNA test process is super easy

The labs will then analyze your sample. Vitagene facilities meet the proper health standards set by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 and the College of American Pathologists. You can rest assured that your results will be prepared accurately and reliably in a compliant working setting.

You will have to fill out the questionnaire provided online. About 4-6 weeks after the labs receive your sample, you will get notified via email if your results are ready. You will be sent the report on your online dashboard.  After analyzing your results, you can now have a guided way to improve your lifestyle.


Vitagene offers three plans of services: Heath Report, Heath Report + Ancestry, and Wellness Bundle.

Vitagene Reports

For those who already have their DNA reports, you can avail the Heath Report Package. It will only cost you $49, giving you a diet and fitness plan and a list of supplements that are best for you.

The Heath Report + Ancestry Package costs $99. This one requires you to send a saliva cheek swab so their labs can test your DNA. After a few weeks, you will also receive your personalized report with an ancestry breakdown.

The third is the most expensive: the Wellness Bundle for $149. It has everything the second package has, and it includes a one-month supply of supplements. If you subscribe, you will be charged $79 every 30 days for your month's supply.


The company understands that your results are personal and are meant to be kept in private. Industry standard security protects all your personal information. The company also assures that they will not share or sell your information to the public or any third parties. Vitagene also destroys the DNA sample you provided after getting the complete analysis.

Customer Support

Should you have any questions or concerns, you can reach the company’s customer support division via phone or email. You can send your messages to [email protected] or call between the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM PT. The company will try to respond to your messages as soon as possible.


People are getting more and more health conscious. They try to get into diet plans and fitness routines even without proper consultation. Do not be like that. You are better off knowing the optimum diet and exercise plans for you. This saves you time, money, and the enthusiasm you need to keep you going.

Do not head into the battlefield without knowing what you are going against. It is better to analyze your body and your strengths and weaknesses to ensure that your efforts do not go to waste. Hopefully, this Vitagene review has given you some insight on how DNA testing can benefit you.

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