orig3n review is it worth it

Orig3n Review: Is It Worth It?

When I was a little girl, seeing superheroes in comics made me wish for a day when I would suddenly develop super strength, or the ability to fly. In this day and age, it seems that discovering a superhero within ourselves isn’t too far off! 

Introducing the ORIG3N Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, a way to tap into the hidden superhero in all of us. I’ve written this Orig3n review so you guys won’t have to worry if it’s worth the buy or not. Read on!

ORIG3N Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit: Super Good or Super Blah?

What is DNA Testing, Anyway?

DNA testing is a way to figure out your core components and physical traits. It involves taking a bit of your saliva with a cotton swab and taking that swab to a lab to assess results. 

The DNA results can be quite surprising, and it can help you learn more about yourself, your past, and your possible future!

dna removal

DNA Removal procedure.

The Orig3n Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit focuses on finding out more about what makes your genetic buildup unique and akin to a superhero’s. You never know, but you may have above-average strength, or a higher IQ than most!

Technical Specifications

orig3n dna test

The Org3n Superhero DNA Test Kit

  • The Orig3n Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit includes: an instruction manual, a cheek swab, and a prepaid return envelope.
  • Orig3n also has a website online and a LifeProfile mobile app where you can register to receive the report of your DNA test results. Getting your personal genetic profile takes about two to four weeks.
  • Your DNA results are encrypted, secure, and accessible only by you and Orig3n. Samples are tested in their CLIA-certified Laboratory, and the results are sent directly back to you.
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    Your genetic results can be saved as a PDF due to the PDF feature that Orig3n offers.

What is Orig3n?

Orig3n is a company in Boston, Massachusetts that specializes in biotechnology. They are behind numerous cutting-edge treatments for genetic conditions involving the liver, heart, and neurodegenerative illnesses. 

orig3n logo

Patterned after Nobel Prize-winning technology, Orig3n guarantees their design and work is topnotch.

They have also developed technology that is aimed towards developing treatments and utilizing breakthroughs in regenerative medicine, which can lead to helping patients have a longer life span and reach optimum health.

Orig3n has raised over 15 million dollars from patrons and donors who believe in their cause and the good work that they do for this and future generations.

Who is the ORIG3N Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit For?

This DNA test kit is for people who want to know which advanced or heightened physical attributes they have. The Orig3n Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit analyzes your genetic build-up and states which “superhero” abilities they have but haven’t noticed yet. 

There are three attributes: the Inherent Strength attribute, the Intelligence attribute, and the Speed attribute. I’ll explain them one by one in a bit. Your DNA will be assessed using these factors, and the percentages of each attribute will be listed.

strength speed or intelligence attributes

Are You A Speed, Strength, or Intelligence Attribute?

Strength Attribute

If your DNA leans more towards the Inherent Strength attribute, that means that you are in good shape, and that your muscles are more resistant to injury and tearing. You’re basically Superman-like!

Intelligence Attribute

When you get the Intelligence attribute, that means you are more in touch with your cognitive side, and have quick-thinking skills. Your IQ is higher than average, which means your logic and wit are advanced.

Speed Attribute

And lastly, when your results lean more towards the Speed attribute, this means that your skeletal system is strong and can handle the push to get higher momentum, This is great for when you have plans to join a marathon or a race.


This kit does NOT assess metabolic rate, endurance, and recovery rate, unlike its sister kits, Fuel and Fitness. It doesn’t detail your nutrition, so if you’re looking for a kit that can tell you those factors, I highly suggest looking at Orig3n’s other kits.

My Take On The ORIG3N Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit

First off, let me just say how much I am a fan of DNA tests. I did this Orig3n review because I honestly wanted to know which superhero-like traits I’m currently unaware of. And learning more about oneself is pretty fun, so I was in from the get go.

The price is pretty decent for a DNA test kit. I’ve come across some DNA kits that are priced higher and yield similar results. It’s affordable, and the service that Orig3n puts into delivering and analyzing my results is topnotch.

orig3n app

Results can be viewed in a free mobile app.

My results came in four weeks after I sent my swab. I received an email saying that my results were ready, and it gave me a link that only I could access with my email address.

Needless to say I was amused! It told me that I had the inherent Strength Attribute, meaning I had an advanced physical prowess. I’ve been skipping the gym recently, but this motivated me to go back and get in touch with my physical side, to be honest!

Niche DNA Kits

The thing I enjoy most about Orig3n is that they have niche DNA kits that focus on different aspects of a person.  This Superhero kit is just one of the many kinds of DNA test kits they have.

They have Aura, (for those who want to know more about their skin and hair buildup and how to take care of it), Fuel (for those who want to focus more on nutrition and metabolism), Behavior, Fitness, and Child Development. There’s literally a kit for everyone!

In Conclusion

The ORIG3N Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit is a fun test to take, especially when you need that certain ego boost.

Knowing you have a trait that’s above average can totally boost your confidence and make you more aware of who you are as a person. This test kit aims to both amuse and educate, and I highly believe it did its job.

I suggest trying it out after viewing other kits that have more rounded assessments, since this kit only reveals specific traits, not your entire genetic history. But overall, it’s a purchase I don’t regret making. I hope this Orig3n review helps you make up your mind about getting a kit of your own!

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