family tree dna review

Family Tree DNA Review

How well do you know yourself? In an era where convenience and time is everything, it’s really no surprise how many things you can find out about yourself.

DNA testing might not seem that important since you’re probably not looking for a lost relative or proving you’re not the father of the child, but you’ll be surprised to know that DNA testing isn’t only exclusive to finding out about the aforementioned reasons.

Ancestral roots, health-related data, medical history, and so on, these are just some examples of possible information you can know using DNA testing.

Finding out about these things can greatly affect how you live your life.

Family Tree DNA Testing Kit

The Family Tree DNA is one hot brand in the market when it comes to DNA test kits - whether that's a good hot or burning-to-the-ground-hot, you'll find out later.

Priced at less than a hundred dollars, it’s both cheap and effective. Given that the common misconception about DNA testing is that it’s expensive and complicated, this is certainly one to challenge that norm.

So what does this DNA Kit have to offer?


The Kit And The Site

The kit is pretty standard. With the kit containing a pair of swabs, a pair of vials, a ziplock container, and a return envelope, it pretty much has everything ready to go.

The kit comes with an instruction manual that has a step-by-step procedure in the testing proper. Of course, nobody ever reads the fine print (note: read it) so what I loved about it is the actual site.

The site is very user-friendly. It will take around a maximum of 10 minutes to actually get used to it. Sure, DNA science can be confusing to anyone not specialized in that field but Family Tree DNA's website makes it a fun experience.


The ancientOrigins feature is the newest aspect integrated into the Family Tree DNA Company. It allows you to compare your DNA with DNAs extracted from ancient archaeological times. This is useful when you want to know how much DNA from ancient groups you carry.

trace your origins

Ancient origins lets you trace where you came from.

However, this feature exclusively shows data from ancient European groups such as Neolithic Hunter/Gatherers, Early Farmers and Bronze-age Metal Invaders and no other groups outside of these exist.

Still, if you're a history and anthropology enthusiast, this feature can give you a first-hand insight into how your ancestors did during those ancient times. Good feature for nerds.

Family Matching System

This is probably the most useful and practical application of our DNA testing kit. The Family Matching System allows you to sort DNA matches of your family’s lineage. It’s useful especially when your family members have also taken the Family Tree DNA test.

family matching

Find your relatives!

This feature is interactive and pleasing to the eyes. With the enhanced results being shown by the Family Matching system, finding your relatives has never been easy. If you want to reach out to your distant relatives, then this feature is absolutely handy.

Take note, however, that the limitation here is that he/she must’ve taken the Family Tree DNA test beforehand for them to appear in records.

The myOrigins map

When it said mapping your DNA, I didn’t really expect that Family Tree DNA would take it literally.

ethnic makeup

Family Tree provides an interactive map to trace your ethnicity.

The myOrigins map lets you uncover your heritage by providing a visual interactive racial and ethnic background. This gives you a geographic perspective of what and where your ancestors are mostly centered.

This feature literally puts you and others on the map in a visually appealing way. Viewing the map from the site, you can see various colors with varying intensity which serves as a heat map to indicate where certain ancestral groups are concentrated. Not only are you seeing the past possible ancestral grouping, you can also see where they are most concentrated in the present time.

So, is the Family Tree DNA kit worth your money?

With DNA testing being commercialized and convenient, there are indeed a lot of good products in the market. It’s not only about results or data, it’s also about how you get the results, how quick it gets there, and much information can you derive from the raw data you provide.

is this for you?

Is the Family Tree DNA a great gift?

Given that DNA tests can give information ranging from family relatives, health state, to even medical history, you need to know what you’re looking for in order to find the product that suits you.

The Family Tree DNA kit gives ample information regarding your DNA such as your possible relatives which are determined if that person gave their genetic information to the same company.

This is standard for any DNA testing company. However, The Family Tree DNA kit does not only give you that information, it also presents it in a creative and interesting way such as mapping out ancestral links and placing geographic links.

This kit is not designed to give you results outside the familial aspect such as health and medical related data so if you're after that information, you should try to invest in more extensive kits which are considerably priced higher.

But if all you are after is finding out how many people can you invite to your grand reunion, then this DNA testing kit is definitely more than enough.


Everyone has his or her own reason for DNA testing and it’s imperative that you know what you are looking for.

Though almost all kits require your DNA, different kits provide different results and it’s important that you know what kit you need. You need to know the limitations of your kits when it comes to information, procedures, etc. in order for you to not spend time going through a lot of DNA kits.

Overall, I believe that the Family Tree DNA testing kit has most of what anyone would basically want in a DNA test. Whether it be ancestry, lineage, and health-related stuff, if it's specifically tailored to perform this information extraction, the kit will certainly deliver.

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