can i take a secret paternity test

Can I Take A Secret Paternity Test Without The Mother/Father, Or Child Knowing?

Many if not all DNA Testing Kit services are asked regarding the availability of service to conduct a secret paternity test. We'll answer that question.

It is understandable to want to clarify and get some peace of mind, or at least resolve a heavy inquiry. It is not in anyone's’ interest to destabilize relationships, and perhaps justifies the opt to secrecy.

DNA Testing Kits, in this case paternity test services, sympathize with these concerns, however, the overall answer is no, you cannot conduct a secret paternity test.

There are pricey services offered that don’t guarantee accurate results, and are looked down upon by accredited, legitimate, Home Paternity DNA Testing Services. There are strict guidelines, especially in the Consensual Prerequisites of Paternity tests, or in fact any and all DNA Testing - whether court ordered or home kits.

Results of Home DNA Testing Kits are exclusively responded to by the services. Meaning, only the participants of the DNA Test are given specific and accurate knowledge of the results. It is further up to the participants to do something about the newly acquired information.

father and son

However, in the case of court-ordered DNA Tests, the disclosure of this information follows the specificity of the case and further a legal and judiciary audience.


All accredited DNA Testing Services require signed consent from all legally documented participants - this goes to the extent that no service will be entertained unless these consent prerequisites are accomplished.

DNA or Paternity Testing Kits’ have Standardized Sampling and Protocol

The method of standardization in collecting samples for DNA Testing Kits is a principle and a guideline that accredited services function accordingly to so that to maintain the qualification of legitimacy.

The specified method of collection is through swab samples from the cheek lining of the mouth.

swap sampling

Navy officers getting swab samples.

These samples are kept in storage plastics for transport, which vary from in form from different DNA Testing services but basically are as much as possible aseptic containing mechanisms that are later further submitted to through mail.

This standardization as a result equally aims to give clients the most bang for their buck, as standardization more or less equalizes the prices among all legitimate DNA Testing services. The usual variants in price from brand to brand are varied service charges, or supplementary deals.

Fun fact: What is collected from the inner lining of the cheek in the oral cavity is a combination of saliva and dislodged cheek cells (yes, cheek cells), which is what is aimed for in DNA Testing Samples.

Otherwise known as Human Cheek Epithelial Cells, categorized under squamous epithelial cells; these cells divide around every 24 hours, and are easily dislodged, which make them ideal as samples for DNA.

Notes Of Caution On Secret Paternity Test / Discreet DNA Tests

If you search on the internet, there many services that offer Secret DNA Testing. These sites will endorse the collection of samples like, toothbrushes, hair, sputum or saliva, mugs, semen, and other unstandardized (if not unhygienic) sample collection materials and methods.

caution on dna testing

Take the proper (and legal) route to paternity testing

These various samples also come at different and unsurprisingly higher prices than that of the standardized sampling methods from legitimate services, of which, admittedly do not share the same 99.99% accuracy in results.

Not only are these shady services unhygienic, but they also cause a critical breach in the ethos of ethics. As mentioned earlier, Consent is the core guiding principle of DNA Testing, and a breach of trust will at the very least damage one’s conscience and honor, to the established familial relationship, and at most can be categorically illegal.

Consensual Arrangements 


If a man seeking a Paternity Test is also the man whose name is in the child’s Birth Certificate, he is called the Legal Father. Being a Legal Father makes it easier for the man to continue with the paternity test.

Paternity tests will also require the consent or knowledge of the mother. This is because mother’s are the default guardian of any child. In general, all parties require self-representation. Once all parties agree, availing the Paternity Test is a breeze.

Home Paternity Testing Kits are strictly for personal knowledge. Results cannot be used as Legal Evidence. Court’s order their own tests.


In the case that the man seeking a Paternity Test is not categorically the Legal Father of the Child, the decisioning leverage by default skews to the mother’s side, as she will not only authorize consent as a self-representing individual, but moreover as the Parental Guardian and Legal Representative of the child in the case of a minor.


As mentioned previously in the above two bold categories, this requires the consent of all participants; Father, Mother, and Child or Children, before any services will be attended, accommodated, and performed for.


In the case of the absence of the Father, Paternity testing is approvable given that the legal consensual prerequisites are still met.

This alternative method involves relatives of as much as possible to the first (1st) degree: grandparents, uncles or aunties, siblings, etc.  However, this alternative method requires more people involved in the testing, because we’re skipping a direct descendant.

The molecular biology part of it needs more people to make a more confident way to verify relatedness.

Note that this is more expensive, which is expected with more people involved. All of which, have to consent to the tests.

Parent and Grown Child/Adult

In the smallest set-up between a motion for filial clarity between a parent and a grown child, this is also perhaps the most straightforward set-up, as this simply requires the consent of both participants, which should cover all legal grounds as they are recognized as individuals of sound mind and decisioning capability.

Wrapping Up

DNA Testing services are sympathetic to anyone wanting to do secret paternity tests, but must follow procedures to uphold the integrity of the company and the dignity of involved test participants.

Therefore, unanimously urging people to avoid the potential harms of unaccredited services offering discretion. Within all of this is the principle of consent from all participating individuals.

The discussion about doing Paternity Test may not be the most comfortable for pretty much anyone.

However, dialogue must be establishment and mutual understanding towards the common goal of clarity in filial relationship is critical in such proposals, as these are the catalysts for consent. Whatever the results may be, the dialogue between partners or participants must maintain, and must further be constructive, for everyone's’ betterment, well-being, and peace of mind.

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