vitagene reviews

Vitagene Reviews: Is This the Best DNA Kit Yet?

There are so many fad diets and exercise regimens that have risen in popularity these days. With the help of social media and the many available sources on the Internet, it is not surprising why people have been hooked to trying them.  If you are one of those who were attracted to these supposedly effective […]

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family tree dna review

Family Tree DNA Review

How well do you know yourself? In an era where convenience and time is everything, it’s really no surprise how many things you can find out about yourself. Table of Contents1 Family Tree DNA Testing Kit2 Features2.1 The Kit And The Site2.2 ancientOrigins 2.3 Family Matching System2.4 The myOrigins map3 So, is the Family Tree DNA […]

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orig3n review is it worth it

Orig3n Review: Is It Worth It?

When I was a little girl, seeing superheroes in comics made me wish for a day when I would suddenly develop super strength, or the ability to fly. In this day and age, it seems that discovering a superhero within ourselves isn’t too far off!  Introducing the ORIG3N Superhero Genetic Home DNA Test Kit, a […]

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ancestry vs 23 and me which is better

Ancestry VS 23andMe: Which is Better?

Answering the question “Who am I” is different for a lot of people. Some find it easy because they know who they are and who raised them, while some people don’t really know much about their bloodline.  Luckily, thanks to modern-day science and technology, it’s easy to trace back everyone’s ancestry.Talking about DNA stuff with […]

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can i take a secret paternity test

Can I Take A Secret Paternity Test Without The Mother/Father, Or Child Knowing?

Many if not all DNA Testing Kit services are asked regarding the availability of service to conduct a secret paternity test. We’ll answer that question. Table of Contents1 Consent2 DNA or Paternity Testing Kits’ have Standardized Sampling and Protocol3 Notes Of Caution On Secret Paternity Test / Discreet DNA Tests4 Consensual Arrangements 4.1 Father-Child4.2 Mother-Child4.3 Parent […]

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pros and cons of a prenatal paternity test

Pros and Cons of a Prenatal Paternity Test

For some mothers, it would be heartbreaking to witness a child’s agony while growing up without a father. It could be that the father passed away, had a legal family of his own (the child having been born out of wedlock), or the child’s mother, for some reasons, did not know the identity of her […]

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Will DNA Testing Help My Workout Routine

DNA Fitness: Will DNA Testing Help My Workout Routine?

Being able to identify genes and adapt ourselves, in this case our workout routines, to those genes in the aim of “unleashing our hidden potential” would have sounded a lot like science fiction 40 years ago. Table of Contents1 What Is DNA Fitness Testing?2 Scientific? Some Say It’s Non-Sense. But Is It Really?3 The Problem […]

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