What’s The Best Paternity Test Kit?

Not everyone knows about this, but official records can lie. Even after learning the identity of a child’s parent, it is only reasonable to perform further research beyond birth documents.

There have been a lot of instances where fake birth certificates are created for those who-knows-what kinds of reasons. Most of the time, the names of the parents indicated on the birth certificate are those of the adoptive parents already.

In the last decade, some of the best paternity test kits have entered the mainstream life of everyone across the globe. All thanks to the improvements in DNA test analysis, more people are getting peace of mind right in the comfort of their own homes through personal test kits.

The Best Paternity Test Kits In The Market This 2018



stk home paternity test

Price: $$$

Rated by SVBio.com



my forever DNA

Price: $$$

Rated by SVBio.com



paternity depot

Price: $$$

Rated by SVBio.com

How exactly do we choose which brand to go for in finding out the paternity of the baby? Opting to take the test personally as opposed to personally going to the lab comes with the big decision of picking out a paternity test that will deliver accurate results.

Here are four test kits that have been generating a lot of positive buzz. Let’s take a look at each of them and see which one will work best for you.

STK Paternity Test Kit


stk home paternity test

Price: $$$

Rated by SVBio.com

  • Claims 99.99% accuracy
  • Price includes shipping fee
  • 3-5 business days turnaround time

A quality paternity test should be verified with an accuracy of at least 99%.

This is STK Paternity Test Kit’s major selling point although other brands go as far as claiming that they get 99.99% accuracy.

From ordering the test to getting the results, this kit is going to cost you around a hundred bucks or so, and that’s including shipping to the company lab.

With this paternity test, the processing and testing only lasts about 3 to 5 business days. Plus, the results are uploaded online.

It also provides you with the option of not getting the results mailed to your door. 

Should you want to receive the printed version, it is delivered to you with the swabs used for gathering the samples.

I am not big on medical terms and neither am I extremely knowledgeable on DNA testing, so for sure, I would have a lot of questions regarding the test. Their 1-800 line is always open for customers wanting to ask specific questions and those who encounter issues with the kit or the process.

Their customer service is actually one of the highlights of this brand because those who experienced asking for help were met with professionalism and competence.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Customer service provides great over-the-phone assistance
  • Results were accurate


  • Sometimes encounters delay in releasing results
  • May require additional fees
  • Makes the mistake of mailing results at home when requested not to

Paternity Depot - Paternity Test Kit


paternity depot

Price: $$

Rated by SVBio.com

  • Claims 100% accurate results
  • Affordable price
  • Easy-to-follow instructions

If you take a look at the origin stories of most superheroes, you will know that whether they were raised by a lovable aunt or a creepy uncle, they always find the need to know their biological parents.

In my quest to find the best paternity test out there, I found the Paternity Depot.

Labs across the country have certified this test, the government has approved it regarding the accuracy of its results, and for a quality paternity test like Paternity Depot, and you don’t need to spend too much cash—just more or less $80.

I think this is one of the most affordable paternity tests out there.

It claims to be the #1 bestselling home paternity test kit in America and that it delivers 100% accurate results.

 Though failing below the market average of DNA test kit prices, lots of positive feedback is generated by this brand.

Another advantage I saw in this test as compared to the others is that if you wanted to test any additional children, you can.

Of course, you need to pay any additional fees, but discounts are always available. Unlike other kits that can only test for the father of the child, Paternity Depot can help you identify your other family members as well.


  • Legal forms are included in the kit
  • Instructions were easy to understand
  • One of the most affordable kits available


  • Sometimes encounters delay in releasing results
  • Neglects to confirm receipt of kit
  • Customer service isn’t that knowledgeable

Rapid Paternity DNA Test Kit


rapid dna testing

Price: $$$

Rated by SVBio.com

  • 99.99% Accuracy
  • 5 accreditation (AABB, CLIA, CAP, ISO)
  • Money Back Guarantee

I believe that parents have the responsibility to foster a sense of identity-formation in their children.

With that being said, I thought that knowledge of who the children’s biological parents are is something irreplaceable.

Furthermore, the search for the best paternity test is a crucial step to achieving this goal.

When I discovered Rapid Paternity DNA Test Kit, I was a bit skeptical at first because of their “too good to be true” advertisement.

All lab fees have been included as well as a Money Back Guarantee.

The company claims that the accuracy of their results is over 99.99%. The testing is done twice to obtain a more accurate result. It also has 5 accreditations under its belt: AABB, CLIA, CAP, ISO/IEC by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board.


  • 99.99% accuracy of test results
  • All lab fees have already been included for one child and the father
  • Great customer service through phone


  • Fee does not include a test for the mother
  • Contrary to their slogan, results tend to get delayed
  • Unresponsive customer results over email

My Forever DNA Paternity Testing Kit


my forever DNA

Price: $$$

Rated by SVBio.com

  • 24 DNA Marker Test
  • Accredited by AABB
  • 2-3 business days turnaround time

For just around over a hundred dollars, and the most expensive brand on this list, My Forever DNA Paternity Testing Kit brags a 24 DNA Marker Test that exceeds the usual 16 or 21 found in other brands, giving it a 50% higher marker than industry standards.

The higher the samples get positive on a marker test, the greater likelihood and accuracy of the results.

This test is accredited by the AABB and the company participates annually in the College of American Pathologists (CAP) Proficiency Testing.

This is relevant to mention because it comes across as a guarantee that My Forever DNA’s quality is up to par with market standards.

It advertises results in 2-3 business days upon receipt and comes with a stamped envelope and free shipping to the lab. It also comes with Money Back Guarantee should you be unsatisfied with My Forever DNA’s services.


  • Instructions were easy to understand
  • Company sends regular updates at every stage
  • Offers 24 marker paternity test


  • Sometimes encounters delay in releasing results
  • Hard to get through to their customer service
  • Pricier than other options

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Paternity Test

If there is one reason why I wanted to compare and contrast all the paternity tests that are available in the market, it’s because I wanted foolproof results.

If you’re doing this for legal purposes, make sure to check if this kind of paternity test you have acquired is acceptable to use at court. If you wanted to have peace of mind then wouldn’t you be more at ease if you know that the paternity test you bought is reliable?


As I have explained, this is the most crucial factor that will determine the authenticity of your paternity test results. Check the percentage of accuracy of the paternity test you are holding. Does it guarantee at least 99.9999% accuracy? If not, you better rethink your decision.

Accuracy may be the most important factor, but for me, I’ve noticed that this is also the most overlooked.  

The best paternity test is not the cheapest or the ones having the fastest turnaround time—it is the one that delivers the most trustworthy results.

Markers and Accreditation

Although brands that don’t come with many accreditations or higher markers still get accurate results consisted with tests done on a lab, there’s still greater assurance when you know that the services you are getting come highly recommended by experts. 

aabb accredited

Make sure your DNA test kit is accredited

Markers test the sequences of the gene, so the higher the marker test, the greater the chance you get an accurate result.

Most home paternity tests use 15 markers while those done in labs test with 111 markers. It’s safe to say that when you plan on getting a personal test kit, take into account the markers that the company uses to generate the results

Because DNA testing is no casual thing, you have to make sure that, even though you don’t personally step into a clinic and get to see the personnel and facilities that work on your test, you are not leaving fate to chance.

That’s why accreditation is important, and in this case, it’s the AABB Accreditation. This recognition is given to those companies abide by excellent standards in performing their relationship testing services.

Turnaround Time of Results

The most dreadful part of taking a paternity test is waiting for the ball to drop. Is it positive or negative?

If he’s not the father then who is? These are a couple of questions that you will be drowning in while constantly checking your notifications for an update. 

Hence, when you’re getting the results is just as important as accuracy and court admissibility because of the level of emotional and mental stress it could give a person from the long and indefinite waiting.

turn around time

Choose a brand that informs you of what is happening every step of the way as opposed to radio silence and uncertainty whether the lab has received the kit or not and if your samples are viable to be tested.

Though I’m sure that you would rather go for delayed rather than inaccurate results, having the option of checking the results online could ease the pressure off. It also shortens the wait of having the printed results arriving on your doorstep.


Considering the three factors listed above, I would have to go for the My Forever DNA Testing Kit as the best paternity kit to recommend. 

Though there are some cons identified, the truth is these negatives slant on the negligible side. There is an overflow of positive feedback about this kit that the complaints seem isolated.

Yes, it may be on the pricier side but you might not mind paying a little extra to get a greater guarantee that the tests are more accurate than most.

Besides, lots of other kits are priced around $100 so adding another $20 on top of that won’t be that big of a splurge.


my forever DNA

Price: $$$

Rated by SVBio.com

  • 24 DNA Marker Test
  • Accredited by AABB
  • 2-3 business days turnaround time

Furthermore, when you are getting the benefit of more markers used in the testing and gaining access to the company’s AABB Accredited facilities, you won’t feel like you’re being robbed in broad daylight.

Another thing I really love about this product is the regular updates that I get on which stage of testing the samples are currently on. This helps alleviate any worry that the kit is somehow lost or defective and it really just feels like you’re going through the process as well.

And did I mention that their customer service has really good feedback? Guidance is something that everyone needs and sometimes it is not easy to talk about this with someone. It’s a good thing that My Forever DNA’s competent representatives are ready to give you the information that you need.


Although different kits have different claims, policies, and processes, the fact remains that we take into consideration the credibility of the company that is handling our tests.

But even if a product is more expensive than the rest, that doesn’t automatically guarantee that you’re getting heaps and bounds more benefit than average-priced ones.

Doing your research about the options available in the market not only point you towards the path of the best paternity test, but you will also most likely be easing into the situation and calming your nerves as you learn more about what the test entails.

We’re all looking for a brand we can understand and depend on and has a track record of helping people either through giving proper instructions, providing lots of information, updating through the test process, extending competent customer service, or getting fast and accurate results.

Some brands even meet all of these qualities in making sure that you are guided and informed through every stage.