The Best DNA Kit for 2018

There is beauty in finding out what your DNA says about you. Whether it’s knowing your line of ancestors, finding out your genetic makeup, and determining your overall health state and medical history, getting accurate results in the most efficient and cost-effective way is necessary.

Back then, DNA testing has always been out of the question. Aside from it being expensive, the procedures are deemed too invasive and they all take a long time to yield conclusive results. If you’re not a fan of waiting, then you’d probably just shrug the thought.

Fortunately, DNA testing has been widely introduced in the market. Commercialization of this feature means that you can avail the service easily at a fair price You can even have this test within the comforts of your home.

Whatever your reason for testing is, kits exist to help you find what you’re looking for. If you’re after a certain aspect of yourself, then maybe one of these kits are fit for you.

The Best DNA Kit of 2018: Top 6 Recommendations



23andme genetic test kit

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ancestry dna test kit

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myheritage dna test kit

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1. AncestryDNA: Genetic Testing - DNA Ancestry Test Kit 


ancestry dna test kit

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  • Get results in 13 days
  • Houses of 5 million DNA samples
  • Communicative

Ancestry DNA is our top pick as the best DNA Kit of 2018. When it comes to DNA Kits, the company has always been at the forefront of development.

With results arriving as fast as 13 days, Ancestry certainly definitely defines what it means to “get to know oneself”.

If you’re intent on finding out who your relatives of the distant past, then Ancestry DNA systems have just the procedures for that.

You don’t even have to worry about the complexity of the Kit because it isn’t even complex. Even for first-timers, Ancestry DNA is user-friendly.

Everything you need to use is in the kit. The process only requires you to fill a vial with your saliva. The saliva will serve as the raw material Ancestry will use as your DNA.

Another reason why you should make Ancestry DNA as your first choice is that the company houses more than 5 million DNA samples in its database. As a customer who is looking to trace their lineage, taking advantage of this huge database should be your priority.

ancestry DNA box content

Inside the box.

What makes it even more convenient is the inclusion of a mailing box so you can send the samples with easy. Ancestry even notifies you immediately the moment they receive your sample.

Considering the procedures, convenience, and support given by the company, you’d assume that this probably is worth a fortune.

However, a very reasonable price, Ancestry certainly gives you your money’s worth.


  • Quick turnaround time
  • Large DNA Database
  • Responsive service (almost no delays)
  • Highly accurate derivation of results
  • Provides personalized results so that you can have an overview of your genetic tree


  • Their test doesn't include maternal and paternal haplogroups
  • Health-testing add-ons are not part of the package

2. MyHeritage DNA Test Kit - Ancestry & Ethnicity Genetic Testing


myheritage dna

Price: $$

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  • Great for tracking biogeographical heritage
  • Website serves as easy-to-use platform.
  • More affordable than competitors

Another service that makes DNA testing convenient is the MyHeritage DNA Test kit. When it comes to exploring your biogeographical heritage, MyHeritage DNA Test kit is your primary destination.

Same services are also offered by AncestryDNA but MyHeritage certainly comes in cheaper and that’s something you should also consider.

The MyHeritage Company is decent and optimized. Most of the data and information are stored on their website which is easy to navigate in.

Their website also serves as a platform where you can easily connect with your matched relatives from virtually anywhere.

Though their DNA database may not be as comprehensive as ancestry in terms of collection and information, MyHeritage can still deliver efficient and satisfactory results.

Unlike saliva collection, MyHeritage’s DNA sampling is done through the use of cheek swabs. Compared to the former, this approach is much convenient for anyone and of course less icky if you may say.

The drawback of this procedure, however, is the delivery of the results. Given that Saliva samples give more information, it may take a while in extracting the necessary information. So if you’re looking for a time-friendly option, this is certainly not it.

Nevertheless, whatever procedure or time-frame, MyHeritage gets you the result you need.


  • Decent biogeographical ancestry service
  • Convenient DNA sampling procedure
  • Affordable options for everyone.
  • Interactive representation of results on their website
  • Free distribution of results to other DNA databases and companies


  • Does not have a big database.
  • Doesn't provide results referring to haplogroups and Neanderthals

3. Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit 


family tree dna

Price: $$

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  • Great for tracing your ethnic heritage
  • Interactive website for analyzing results.
  • Family Matching System feature

Nothing beats Family.

When it comes to tracing your long heritage, the Family Tree DNA Generic Ancestry kit is one good service to consider.

This DNA kit certainly knows how to bring the Ohana back together. Providing optimized and interactive approaches to genetic mapping, you can certainly trace individuals who have the same DNA makeup as yours.

The best thing about this is all of the options and procedures are simply and interactively presented on their website.

How’s that for user-friendly?

The Family Tree Kit offers the ancient origins feature. This is an upgrade to their Family Finder feature which they already have.

The edge of the ancientOrigins feature is you can find accurate ancestral links that date way back probably before computers.

Most of their ancestral link and information comes from different archaeological sites in Europe. In that way, you certainly know your roots from the bottom up.

trace your origins

Trace your origins with their interactive map

Another tool that the Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit provides is the Family Matching System. This particular amenity allows you to trace myriads of DNA matches through parental sorting.

The Family Tree DNA Genetic Ancestry Test Kit can also generate a detailed geographic and ethnical background of your ancestry.

In the myOrigins tool, you will be able to map out where most of your ancestors have lived where Population clusters and diversity can also be represented.

These particular services are not found on a lot of DNA test kit. Therefore, you might want to check this one out.


  • Family Tree DNA is a collaborative partner of the National Geographic Genographic Project
  • Comprehensive Family Matching System
  • Large DNA database
  • Provides free delivery of results
  • DNA sampling is pretty convenient


  • Results are not as specific and detailed as the first two DNA kits
  • Delivery time is quite an issue

4. 23andMe DNA Test Ancestry Personal Genetic Service


23andme genetic test

Price: $$

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  • Comes in two versions
  • Comprehensive and extremely accurate
  • Long wait time for results

The 23andMe DNA Test Kit has probably the most dynamic genetic services I have ever tested. It is an established DNA testing company that gives quality and detailed results to all of its users.

This particular DNA test kit comes in two models:

The first one, which is slightly expensive, includes ancestry details and health tests while the second version only offers the basic ancestry test.

Regardless of which options you choose, rest assured the results you will get are accurate.

The ancestry breakdown of the 23andMe DNA Test Kit is quite impressive. 

It can provide you comprehensive information about your heritage from the 31 known populations in the entire world. The service can also tell you if your DNA is derived from the Neanderthals.

Just like the AncestryDNA’s procedure, THE 23andMe also uses Saliva samples. The process may not be convenient, but it can yield better samples for the genotyping analysis.

what's inside the bag

23andMe contents

I always consider the 23andMe DNA Test as one of the best DNA kits that you can get today. Their database is comprehensive, and their method of presenting their data is easy to digest for everyone.

However, the result delivery isn’t as quick as you’d hope. Roughly, It would take around 6 to 8 weeks before all the gathered data are rendered. However, there are no hidden charges placed on their services. If I can describe 23andMe, it’d be “slow but sure”.


  • Highly detailed ancestry explanation
  • Explores Neanderthal ancestry with great details
  • Provides platform to talk with other people with similar DNA traits as yours
  • Geographical mapping of ancestral heritage
  • Comes with an upgrade package


  • Result display is not user-friendly.
  • Pricing is a bit steep for some

5. ORIG3N Genetic Home DNA Test Kit (Superhero)


orig3n dna test

Price: $$

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  • Gene pool analysis to see your strong points.
  • Ancestry and heritage analysis
  • Long wait time for results

The ORIG3N has a lot to offer when it comes to DNA testing. They can offer you with a wide-range of DNA testing kits which are convenient to use.

I will be featuring their Superhero test kit, as it is the most popular service that they have.

The ORIG3N Genetic Home DNA Test Kit Superhero can provide detailed information about your heritage and ancestry.

It can also analyze the innate your ancestry’s roots and the exact composition of your DNA.  

However, the best-selling point of this DNA test kit is its ability to reveal your strongest points through gene pool analysis.

I am not saying that it will help you discover your secret superhuman powers, but it can tell you specific points about your physical strength, multiple intelligence aspects, and body agility.

Of course, all of these things involve Science (Not Science fiction). For example, the service can map out your strength level based on your genetic structure will the help of SOST (bone strength) and VDR (muscle mass).  

orig3n app

You can see your results through a mobile app

These features are cool for me since most of the DNA test kits out there can never provide such comprehensive yet fun-to-know type of details.

When it comes to ease of use, the ORIG3N Superhero is fantastic. It comes with complete instructions, and the sampling extraction is through cheek swabbing.

Their DNA results come really quick giving it around two to three weeks only.


  • Easy to use DNA test kit
  • Detailed analysis of your genetic capabilities based on your ancestral makeup
  • Quick turnaround rate for result delivery
  • Detailed breakdown of ancestral information
  • Decent DNA database


  • Some people think that the services deviate to the original purpose of DNA test kits

6. Vitagene DNA Test Kit: Ancestry + Health Personal Genetic Reports


vitagene dna test

Price: $$

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  • Ancestral background analysis
  • Diet analysis based on genetic make up
  • CAP and CLIA accredited

The last but definitely not the least for the best DNA kit is this service from Vitagene.

It is quite similar to the ORIG3N kit when it comes to the variety of results it can provide.

It is not just focused on uncovering your rich ancestral background, it can also provide other useful information such as the type of diet that you need based on the genetic makeup that you have.

Usually, the results arrive four to six weeks after you have sent the sample. Most of the data will come from the saliva sample taken from you.

The information that will be delivered to you usually is about your ancestry and other unique genetic details.

Based on those pieces of information, the company will also give a quick recommendation about the diet, supplementation, and exercise that you should take.

The DNA database of the Vitagene shouldn't be taken lightly. They can map out your roots through their abundant DNA repository.

inside the vitagene package

Inside the Vitagene package

Meanwhile, all the tests are being conducted on CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified laboratories. Therefore, you can be assured that what you are getting from this service are all true and legitimate.


  • Fairly fast turnaround time for the results
  • User privacy and information are kept in the highest confidentiality
  • Reliable and accurate ancestral analysis
  • Features personalized health recommendations based on your genetic traits
  • Comes with reasonable pricing


  • Too much advertisement from the company’s affiliated supplement providers.

How to Choose a DNA Test Kit

When going for the best DNA kit package, it is essential that you must know what information you want. Whether, it’s medical state, history, or just simply lineage, knowing what you want can get you where you want to go.

Knowing when you want your results can also affect your choice given that each DNA test kit has a different turnaround rate and delivery period.

Currently, DNA testing is classified into three types. Here are the three types:

Autosomal DNA Test 

Autosomal DNA testing is one of the recommended options for ancestral tracing by most genealogists. This is why most of the DNA test kits today are offering this type of test.

autosomal dna test

Autosomal DNAs are taken from your ancestors. By logic it means that your DNA structure will be reflective of certain ancestors. This is why this test is suited for determining your distant relatives and lineage.

However, there is a limitation in the ability of this test. Autosomal DNAs test up to just five generations.

Going beyond this can give unclear results.

mtDNA Test

The mtDNA Test us a DNA test which traces your mother’s ancestry line. Given the test description, this test only yields information derived from your mother’s side of the family.

Just like the autosomal DNA test, the mtDNA test can be used for proving that you are related to a particular person or family.

mtDNA test

However, just like I said, the results will only be verifying the maternal side. Despite this drawback which you can consider minor, many genealogists will still consider and recommend this method to be effective.

Moreover, mtDNA tests have a comprehensive tracing ability. Specifically, I am referring to the timeframe that it can study and its effectiveness.

Accordingly, this approach can track your direct maternal lineage from 10,000 years ago or further. With this level of distinction, you can actually use the test to justify your affiliation with a particular clan, race, or ethnicity.

The mTest really sounds nice and given the information you can actually get from it, despite the test being quite expensive, it’s definitely worth your money.


The Y-DNA is pretty similar to the mtDNA test, however, the Y-DNA bases on the Y-Chromosome so by default the kit traces your paternal lineage.

The comprehensiveness of the Y-DNA tests is limited because it only traces your paternal line--just like the mtDNA.

father and son

However, it can also process large timeframe of who your ancestors were.


Between the mtDNA and Y-DNA, it is the Y-DNA test that can provide better proof for ancestral linkage. One good example of this is our surnames. If both of us have the surname of Johnson, and we want to know if we are related, this test is the one being conducted by genealogists.

The results that they can generate will be used to prove if two people are indeed blood-related.

One major drawback of this test, however, is its exclusiveness. Given that only Males possess the Y-Chromosome, no one can take this test except for any male individual.

Wrapping Up

The best DNA kit can improve your chances of finding your ancestry and discovering your unique genetic makeup.

It is a service that anyone should try at least once in their life. Unlike the traditional laboratory testing, these test kits are made for personal use and convenience. Given that they are portable and user-friendly kits, they are reasonably priced too.

Among all the options that I have featured here, the package from the AncestryDNA is the one that took the top spot.

From the database that the company has, it is evident that they can offer better and more in-depth ancestral breakdown than other known DNA kits.

They can also quick turnarounds of results, too, which is a huge plus since everything is all about finding out the results and information quickly.

For me, AncestryDNA is the best DNA kit that you can get today.