ancestry vs 23 and me which is better

Ancestry VS 23andMe: Which is Better?

Answering the question “Who am I” is different for a lot of people. Some find it easy because they know who they are and who raised them, while some people don’t really know much about their bloodline. 

Luckily, thanks to modern-day science and technology, it’s easy to trace back everyone’s ancestry.

Talking about DNA stuff with all its jargon may be too much information for an ordinary person to take and having the Internet as a reference definitely helps a lot.

Knowing what service to use, well that’s another story (we'll get to this later)

Lots of option pop out, but we all want the quickest and cheapest way to know our great grand whatsoever but ultimately it boils down to 2 names; Ancestry vs 23andme. As a potential customer, it’s important to know which gives the best service for a reasonable price.

So we'll help you answer the big question: Which is better, Ancestry or 23andMe?

What’s DNA Testing Again?

For some who may not know, DNA testing, or having your genetic profile mapped out, is a current trend because more and more people are also starting to care a great deal about their health.

dna removal

A researcher extracts DNA from a micro test tube.

The fact that these services have become affordable indicates that they are readily available and accessible to the general public.

The following reasons or benefits also explain why:

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    Provides indications as to one's ethnic lineage
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    Can determine one's relationship to any other living person
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    Can tell whether one is related to another person who has a similar surname
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    Can provide clues and information about common ancestors that you and other people had in common
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    It can validate your family tree and the way you know it.

Price, Affordability​​​​, Services

Ancestry: Great For Tracing Family Trees

With a price of almost a hundred dollars, Ancestry gives you a variety of services.

These include DNA matches, Ethnic Mix Profiling, raw DNA mapping, and finding out the genetic communities you belong to.

The package is great if what you want is to trace your family tree way back to the land before time. Availing this package is perfect if you wish to get in touch with lost family members you’ve always wanted to meet.

So before you plan your big reunion, try Ancestry. You might want a bigger venue afterwards.

23andMe: More Services

Charging roughly the same amount of money, 23andme offers a wide range of services.

To name a handful, these services include, Y-Chromosome Ethnic male tracing, Neanderthal percentage, Top surname matches, mixed-race profiling, DNA, matching, raw DNA mapping, and maternal/paternal line origin.

Weighing the cost-effectiveness of both, I feel like you get more with 23andme.

23andMe can not only tell you who your grandparent’s parents are it can also map out important medical information.

Its health reports can give you information about traits, predisposition to certain ailments, wellness indices and your body's reaction to sugar, caffeine, smog, etc., as well as carrier status reports.

Such reports can alert you if you carry some sort of gene mutation from some conditions that your children may inherit.

Knowing your medical state can prove to be helpful in preparing for possible future illnesses. After all, prevention is indeed a lot better than cure.

Ancestry vs 23AndMe: Who Won?

It depends on what you need. If you’re only planning for a mega-get together family reunion, services offered by Ancestry will suffice.

If what you’re asking for is just that but you also want to know more about your health state, then 23andMe can pretty much cover your worries.

Considering both options and knowing both are priced (almost) equally, I'd personally recommend 23andMe, simply because you get more for the same price.

Another Area for Comparison

Another advantage of 23andMe is it offers a secondary level testing if you want to know more about what your DNA says.

The secondary level not only covers the previous services and information, it also tells you your medical risk profile by knowing your medical history so you can better take control of the way your health is going.


Even though we have a clear choice on the debate between Ancestry vs 23AndMe, they are still two different DNA service providers despite some similarities.

Aside from their service package and the information you get, both use different methods in mapping out your DNA. Algorithms, data, and procedures, slight variations mean that there will be deviations.

I’m not saying one is more accurate than the other, what I mean is that given their different methods in extracting information there will be slight differences and that is perfectly fine.

It’s best you first determine the purpose you need your DNA examined. This is to help identify the services suited for you. Whether you’re after your Family’s lineage or Medical history, services and procedures exist to give you what you’re after and sure enough these two have what you need.

At the end of the day given their reputation, both services are known to deliver what they promise.

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