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Hi, I'm Scott. Welcome to SVBio.com

hi, I'm Scott

Hi I'm Scott, and this is my only decent picture.

When it comes to DNA Testing Kits, there are many recent products being pushed in the face of curious consumers. Despite the heavy advertising, the way we feel greeted by many of these DNA Testing sites can seem disingenuous. Like any other internet dweller, we would much rather see a summarized Wiki link.

With our website, you will be able to cut through the load of clicking you have to do to get a sense of what DNA Testing is about – as we will do all the clicking and summarizing for you, freshly baked from the 2018 internet oven.

about us

Within the site, you’ll find different reviews, rankings, what to do’s, and informative articles to help guide you in your DNA Testing dilly-dallying, or even just out of curiosity.

Additionally, outside of just buying and reviewing, we provide informational guides from the practical Pros and Cons of commercial DNA tests. All of these are a glimpse into what we hope is an ease in exploring DNA Testing. We hope that this site helps those in need, and even the curious few who found DNA Testing Kits interesting.